Toddler Lederhosen Costumes

Have a toddler that wants to dress up as a Yodeler, or maybe you’re all going out as Swiss Family Robinson for Halloween or to an Oktoberfest party?  Whatever the case, these Toddler Lederhosen costumes are real eye turners…

lederhosen costumeAlpine Boy Infant Lederhosen Costume

(Available in infant size 12 – 24 months and toddler size 3 – 4T)

Infant Lederhosen CostumeYodel-ay-hee-hoo!

This little guy is heading for the hills! Everyone needs a little lederhosen, now and then! Especially one so finely detailed as this!

It features a lovely, classic printed floral pattern on the straps, and a beautiful crest in front. Not to mention a terrific Tyrolean hat!

Complement this ensemble with a pair of black socks and black shoes to complete the look.

If mom or dad also want to dress the part, why not check out the Sexy Beer Maiden Costumes and the Mens Lederhosen Costumes?

If you’re heading out Trick or Treating, why not let the little guy collect his (and your 🙂 ) candy in this classic pumpkin trick or treat bag?


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