Sexy Beer Maiden Costumes

Why not slip into a sexy beerĀ maiden adult costume; if you are getting ready to dress up for the Oktoberfest (October Fest), Halloween or any other occasion which may include a holiday, a street parade, a carnival, a theme party, or maybe for a fun night with a spouse šŸ˜‰ ?

sexy beer maiden costumeOktoberfest Inga Adult Plus Size CostumeDressing up in one of these will certainly get you extraordinary attention when you hit the town for a night out.

German, Alpine, &Ā Bavarian costumes are a lot ofĀ fun. They areĀ comfortableĀ and bring out the wonderful folklore of the German culture. If you shop right here at BeerĀ Maiden, you will find the largest selection of beerĀ maiden adult costumes for regular as well as voluptuous plus size women.

Please do keep in mind that all our outfit ensembles and their accessories such as wigs and other headpieces, footwear (shoes and stockings), jewelry and makeup, etc. are of the top most quality and we offer them at the lowest prices possible.

sexy beer maiden costumeAs I have already mentioned, ours is a huge assortment of beerĀ maiden frauleinĀ dresses. Here’s one that I particularly favor:

sexy beer maiden costumeEdelweiss Lederhosen Adult Costume

Edelweiss Lederhosen Adult Costume

Beer has never tasted better than when it is served by a sexy beerĀ maiden such as this one.Ā  Wunderbar!

This fun fraulein knows how to have a good time! Enjoy a cold beer…or several, in the Little Miss Lederhosen costume which includes classic suspender shorts with cute pink flower details and tiny gold buttons, and white crop top with puffy sleeves and mini-ruffles along the neckline decorated with petite pink flowers.

If you really want to complete this ensemble, add a pair of over-the-knees white stockings, a pair of black Mary Jane shoes and bows for the hair.

This beer maiden will quench your thirst for beer as well as beauty.

Invite your date to dress in Lederhosen for a fun coupleā€™s theme this Halloween!

SinceĀ Iā€™ve mentioned a beer stein earlier in this article, itā€™s only fitting that I should go into further details and so I will.

Beer steins originated in the early years of the 14th century but their lids did not come into play until the 16th century.

Being infested with swarms of disease carrying flies and during the Bubonic Plague which heavy afflicted the European populous of the 16th century, Germany enacted a number of laws that required all food and drinks to be covered. And that is when steins first acquired their closures which here eventually designed with hinges and thumb lifts.

At that time, most steins were designed of earthenware which was eventually developed into durable substance called ā€œstoneware.ā€ Todayā€™s steins are beautifully decorated with artistic paintings and they are typically crafted from ceramics and porcelain.

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