An Oktoberfest Beer Girl Costume Means Cheeky Fun

Certainly, there’s something captivating about a woman behind a bar, but to push that captivation to the limit, there’s really no match for the delightfully cheeky fun of the costume. Long a symbol of the cherished Oktoberfest festival in Germany, the beer girl keeps celebrants lubricated with mug after mug of the best German beer from sundown to sunup. As if an attractive wench bearing ample beer wasn’t likable enough, the German beer girl costume is itself a wonder to behold!

The traditional Oktoberfest beer girl costume is made up of a dirndl, the laced dress over a blouse that one commonly thinks of when picturing Oktoberfest events. The skirt is usually quite full, though at the same time can vary in length from conservative to positively alluring. Likewise, the standard puffy-sleeved blouse can have a traditional cut or range into a revealing the off-the shoulder styling. Green is the most popular color for this ensemble, though dirndls can be sound in all colors of the rainbow. The real show-stopper when it comes to Oktoberfest beer girl costumes is the way the dress laces up – much like a corset, placing the lady’s… assets on display in a most agreeable manner. Cap off this outfit with a pair of white knee socks, and you’ll certainly catch the notice of the other revelers.

In the US, the only time you are likely to see a beer girl costume is around Oktoberfest, when beer halls and theme nights abound with men in lederhosen and women in dirndls. Dressing your bar staff up as beer wenches is a great way to make sure your clients stay put for an extra round or two while adding a bit of authenticity to the season.

One need not limit the use of the Oktoberfest beer girl costume to Oktoberfest events alone. This popular outfit makes a great Halloween costume, and will be a welcome addition to any theme or costume party year-round! How would the man in your life react to being met at the door by his girl in a beer wench outfit, bearing mugs of frothy barley-wine? Sounds like the start of a pretty memorable evening to me! The creative gal will find plenty of wonderful occasions for breaking out the beer girl costume over the years.

There are many variations of this costume on the market, each sexier and more creative than the last. Options range from the straight-up traditional, to the skimpy, to the flouncy options with great voluminous petticoats to fill out the skirt. Almost all include knee socks under a shortest skirt. A little creativity can even turn a stock costume in to a masterpiece with a well-chosen accessory or hairstyle. Regardless of your style choices, you’ll be sure to find a German beer girl costume that will please you.

You may be looking for that perfect Oktoberfest costume, or maybe you just want something appropriate for Halloween. Either way, a German beer girl costume is a solid and popular choice. The very best accessory for this outfit is a case or two of cold beer, complete with steins, allowing you to really get into character and share the fun of your costume with all. Find the idea costume for your needs at Rebecca’s beer girl costume site. Rebecca is connected with the biggest and most respected costume retailers in the business, offering a 110% guarantee that they offer the best price going.

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