How to Accessorize a Perfect Beer Girl Costume and Oktoberfest Costume

Transform yourself into a Bavarian vixen with a sexy Beer Girl Costume!

Oktoberfest party supplies provide adult fun all year long.

A beautiful girl in a Germanic inspired, cleavage enhancing dirndl, with a colorful, flirty apron and knee socks is a great way to start any party.

This very feminine attire was originally Austrian derived from “Dirndlgewand” defined as a maid’s dress. ‘Dirndl’, meaning maid and ‘das Gewand’ meaning the robe or garment, it was eventually abbreviated to just a “Dirndl”. After the advent of Ledhosen in the 1870s and 1880’s in Austria, upper class women wore dirndl’s while on summer holiday. Perhaps going a little low-brow was more fun for summer time adventures. Whatever the reason, the dirndl style has endured since, possibly because of it’s obvious allure and fetching style. A beer girl costume is the perfect attire for leaning over to serve beer.

Today, social class and national heritage make not a bit of difference to how dirndl’s are worn. In fact they have become a staple of Oktoberfest celebrated worldwide as the beer girl costume and much anticipated by men of all ages. Because of their popularity and obvious sexy nature, dirndls are available year round through costume supply centers and Oktoberfest party supplies stores.

There’s nothing hard about creating that sexy beer maiden look with all the accessories available through Oktoberfest party supplies outlets. Dress up any beer girl costume with a fabulous wig, or cutie Mary Janes. Perhaps a bit of black faux leather corseting, snips of black velvet or pink satin. Slip on some sheer white stockings and it’s party time! Oh, and beer steins come in handy too.

There is a style of the beer girl costume for every woman’s figure and preference. Depending on the physical attributes you would like to emphasize, there are versions that will take you to a new level of fun. Very short and perky can be a perfect excuse to wear ruffled bijou pantaloons and over the knee white socks.

The low cut and corset lacing peasant tops lend themselves to flirty showing off in style. There are many looks offered, including; tavern beer costumes, the German beer maiden, beer garden girl costumes, fetching Fraulein attire, the Bavarian beer garden girl look and Gretchen adult costumes to choose from. With an endless array of accessories available, you can change your look for any event.

Options for dressing up your beer girl costume is almost endless when perusing Oktoberfest party supplies centers. Colorful tavern beer costumes for adults can be accessorized with black velvet chokers or leather straps. Jewelry, smooth stockings, provocative headpieces, luxurious wigs, evening inspired makeup, thigh high boots, stiletto heels and even silicone breast enhancers will spice up this adult costumer fun.

Of course, choosing your accessories with a ‘good friend’ can add even more fun to the ‘Bavarian Beauty’ adventure! You can bet the reaction you will receive will encourage you to wear a beer girl costume not only for Oktoberfest, but maybe Halloween, Mardi Gras, New Year’s, German Holidays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays…

You may be looking for that perfect Oktoberfest costume. The very best accessory for this outfit is a case or two of cold beer, complete with steins, allowing you to really get into character and share the fun of your costume with all. Find the ideal costume for your needs at Rebecca’s beer girl costume site. Rebecca is connected with the biggest and most respected costume retailers in the business, offering a 110% guarantee that they offer the best price going.

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An Oktoberfest Beer Girl Costume Means Cheeky Fun

Certainly, there’s something captivating about a woman behind a bar, but to push that captivation to the limit, there’s really no match for the delightfully cheeky fun of the costume. Long a symbol of the cherished Oktoberfest festival in Germany, the beer girl keeps celebrants lubricated with mug after mug of the best German beer from sundown to sunup. As if an attractive wench bearing ample beer wasn’t likable enough, the German beer girl costume is itself a wonder to behold!

The traditional Oktoberfest beer girl costume is made up of a dirndl, the laced dress over a blouse that one commonly thinks of when picturing Oktoberfest events. The skirt is usually quite full, though at the same time can vary in length from conservative to positively alluring. Likewise, the standard puffy-sleeved blouse can have a traditional cut or range into a revealing the off-the shoulder styling. Green is the most popular color for this ensemble, though dirndls can be sound in all colors of the rainbow. The real show-stopper when it comes to Oktoberfest beer girl costumes is the way the dress laces up – much like a corset, placing the lady’s… assets on display in a most agreeable manner. Cap off this outfit with a pair of white knee socks, and you’ll certainly catch the notice of the other revelers.

In the US, the only time you are likely to see a beer girl costume is around Oktoberfest, when beer halls and theme nights abound with men in lederhosen and women in dirndls. Dressing your bar staff up as beer wenches is a great way to make sure your clients stay put for an extra round or two while adding a bit of authenticity to the season.

One need not limit the use of the Oktoberfest beer girl costume to Oktoberfest events alone. This popular outfit makes a great Halloween costume, and will be a welcome addition to any theme or costume party year-round! How would the man in your life react to being met at the door by his girl in a beer wench outfit, bearing mugs of frothy barley-wine? Sounds like the start of a pretty memorable evening to me! The creative gal will find plenty of wonderful occasions for breaking out the beer girl costume over the years.

There are many variations of this costume on the market, each sexier and more creative than the last. Options range from the straight-up traditional, to the skimpy, to the flouncy options with great voluminous petticoats to fill out the skirt. Almost all include knee socks under a shortest skirt. A little creativity can even turn a stock costume in to a masterpiece with a well-chosen accessory or hairstyle. Regardless of your style choices, you’ll be sure to find a German beer girl costume that will please you.

You may be looking for that perfect Oktoberfest costume, or maybe you just want something appropriate for Halloween. Either way, a German beer girl costume is a solid and popular choice. The very best accessory for this outfit is a case or two of cold beer, complete with steins, allowing you to really get into character and share the fun of your costume with all. Find the idea costume for your needs at Rebecca’s beer girl costume site. Rebecca is connected with the biggest and most respected costume retailers in the business, offering a 110% guarantee that they offer the best price going.

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Hot Halloween and Oktoberfest Costumes Ideas

Are you looking to turn heads this year at Oktoberfest? If you are, then the beer girl costume is for you. Certainly, costumes like Wonder Woman or a Genie will draw some looks from the guys in the room, but no one will get as much attention as a sexy beer maiden. What’s great about the sexy barmaid outfit is it’s multi-functional. You can where it to Oktoberfest, for Halloween, and to fancy-dress or theme parties.

Beer Girl Costume

It’s no fun showing up to a party and someone else is wearing the exact same costume as you. Not only will you get lots of attention wearing a beer girl costume, but the likelihood of someone else wearing the exact same outfit as yours is very slim. There are lots of different styles of beer girl outfits. Some are long beer wench style, while others are short and revealing.

There are also different countries and eras that each have their own uniqueness. For example, there’s the Fetching Fraulein costume, the Bavarian Beer Garden costume, and the Gretchen Tavern costumes to name a few. They come in all colors, shapes and sizes, and there’s a perfect match for each personality and body type.

Halloween and Oktoberfest Costumes

Obviously, don’t dress your children up in some of these skimpy outfits, and also choose the outfit that fits with your personality as well as the occasion. If you’re a little self conscious about your body, then don’t choose an outfit that reveals a lot of skin. Choose a costume that is more conservative like the Tavern Wench or Alpine Wench. This leaves plenty to the imagination of any onlookers who you catch their attention.

Since some of the beer girl costumes are quite revealing, it doesn’t leave much room for purses, lipstick or cell phones. When you pickup your costume, also opt to get the Beer Stein Purse. Whether you’re Bavarian Beauty handing out the hops or a Honey Ale passing out the pints, this purse is the perfect accessory.

Serve up a tall glass of sexy in an Oktoberfest Costume. Beer Girl Costumes have been a popular choice for hundreds of years because they are among one of the male’s most common fantasies…being served beer by a sexy beer maiden.

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Oktoberfest Costumes

Whether you’re traveling to Munich, Germany, for the annual Oktoberfest celebration, or attending a local gathering in your neighborhood or city, you’ll want to dress the part.

Click Here to See Our Full Selection of Oktoberfest Costumes

Oktoberfest costumes are a great way to get into the spirit of this Dutch holiday, wherever you are. Here are some of our favorite Beer Girl Costumes and Lederhosen Costumes:

Tavern Maiden Adult Plus Costume

Serving beer and spreading cheer!Tavern Maiden Adult Plus Costume

This adorable, fully finished garment includes a Jacquard ribbon trimmed full dress with attached apron and white lace petticoat, lace trimmed red scarf/bandana, plus a pair of white lace trimmed ankle socks. Pair with Hansel for a fun couples costume.

Don’t have long flowing blonde hair that you can braid?  No problem, we’ve got you covered. Add this Classic Braid Wig to your ensemble and you’ll stand out at any party. Accessorize this Oktoberfest Costume with a pair of Black Eden Mary Jane Shoes (available in sizes 6, 7, 8 9 & 10, with 5″ heels), and of course the Beer Mug Handbag for holding all of your valuables.

Bavarian Men’s Oktoberfest Costume

Bavarian Mens Oktoberfest Costume

Every guy looks better in suspenders!

Playful, proud and ready for any German soiree.  Cook up some Obatza and throw back a few beers in this Oktoberfest Costume.

Sit back, relax, and kick back a few in the Bavarian Guy costume which includes a pair of chestnut brown lederhosen with beige accents and a Bavarian screen print across the chest, matching hat, ¾ sleeve lace up pullover shirt, and knee socks. Have fun, drink lots, and show your German pride in this classic costume.



German Guy – Mens CostumeGerman Guy - Mens Costume

The German Guy – Mens Costume includes a top, lederhosen, and hat. Does not include beer stein, socks, or shoes.




Click Here To See All Of Oktoberfest Costumes For Adult


Oktoberfest Costumes

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Toddler Lederhosen Costumes

Have a toddler that wants to dress up as a Yodeler, or maybe you’re all going out as Swiss Family Robinson for Halloween or to an Oktoberfest party?  Whatever the case, these Toddler Lederhosen costumes are real eye turners…

lederhosen costumeAlpine Boy Infant Lederhosen Costume

(Available in infant size 12 – 24 months and toddler size 3 – 4T)

Infant Lederhosen CostumeYodel-ay-hee-hoo!

This little guy is heading for the hills! Everyone needs a little lederhosen, now and then! Especially one so finely detailed as this!

It features a lovely, classic printed floral pattern on the straps, and a beautiful crest in front. Not to mention a terrific Tyrolean hat!

Complement this ensemble with a pair of black socks and black shoes to complete the look.

If mom or dad also want to dress the part, why not check out the Sexy Beer Maiden Costumes and the Mens Lederhosen Costumes?

If you’re heading out Trick or Treating, why not let the little guy collect his (and your 🙂 ) candy in this classic pumpkin trick or treat bag?


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